The #1 Elk Hunting Question

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I just finished my winter elk hunting seminar schedule last weekend, and I always enjoy the Q&A’s at the end. I usually leave 15 minutes or so for attendees to ask any question they have related to elk hunting, and I feel those 15 minutes are usually far more valuable than the 45 minutes that preceded them. The reason I feel they are so valuable is because they are the questions you are wanting to find the answers to.

When I prepare a seminar, I include the information I feel is important – the things I feel will help others become a better elk hunter. However, that isn’t always the same information you might be looking for. You have questions in your mind, or topics that you aren’t sure about, and it’s those answers that are most valuable to you.

Gritty Bowmen_SLCSo, I have an opportunity for you to ask the one elk hunting question you’ve been struggling to come up with the answer to. My good friend – and Pro Staff member – Brian Call is coming to town tomorrow night. Brian is the host of the popular hunting podcast, The Gritty Bowmen, and we’re going to be doing several podcasts about elk hunting on a variety of topics: fitness, calling, scouting, and much more. But instead of talking about the things we think other elk hunters might struggle with, I want to hear from you!

If you could ask one elk hunting question that Brian and I could answer during a podcast, what would it be? Make it a good one, because if we choose to answer your question, we just might reward you with some awesome swag or gear from, MTN OPS, or the Gritty Bowmen!

Leave your question in the “Comments” area below, and I’ll go through and select several relevant questions to address before we start the podcast on Saturday.

P.S. – There will be 5 additional Pro Staff members joining Brian and I for a roundtable discussion on Elk Hunting Fitness tomorrow night, and next week’s #PROJECTSUCCESS article is going to dive into the topic of Fitness – more specifically, how you can and why you need to get into #ELKSHAPE.

What is the One Elk Hunting Question you want answered?