Top 5 Elk Hunting Tips

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Archery elk season opened here in Idaho yesterday, and by this weekend, it will be open in most of the western states. Dirk, Donnie, and I are heading out on our first adventure of the season tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait! As I was going through my final preparations for our hunt, I was doing a mental inventory of what I need to remember to be successful this season. There are so many factors involved in a successful elk hunt, and my mind was wandering from one topic to the next. However, a few topics kept coming to mind, and after 30+ years of bowhunting for elk, they seemed to be ingrained into my elk hunting soul.

I went back and looked through over 320 elk hunting articles that are available to read right here on, and selected the Top 5 that I feel address the topics that I feel are important to consider this season. Here they are:

And, since there are so many other factors to consider, here is a “bonus” Top 5 Article from a few years back:

As you head into elk country over the next few weeks, I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Please let me know how it goes for you….pictures of you and your elk would be awesome to see! Hike hard, bugle often, shoot straight, and pack like an animal! See you on the mountain…