Elk101.com is Hiring! Job Description and Details

Elk101.com is Hiring! Job Description and Details

help-wanted-posterElk101.com continues to grow at a frantic pace, and quite simply, I can’t keep up! With so many exciting elk hunting projects in the works, I need help. So, Elk101.com is hiring!

The position will be in Boise, Idaho, and will start out as a part-time position (24-30 hours/week). The desired skill set for the ideal candidate would include excellent writing ability, efficient project management, basic photography/photo editing, basic video/video editing, social media activity, and a desire to learn and have fun. Oh yeah, being an elk hunter would be a plus… 🙂 Salary is dependent upon experience and skill set ($9-12/hr). If interested, send an email to [email protected] with your resume and cover letter.

In a nutshell, this position would eventually turn into a project management position, dealing with day to day operations so I can focus more time on the development of new projects and expanding the business. Some of the day to day details would include posting to our Social Media platforms, updating website content (including minimal photo and video edits), creating email newsletters/blasts, assisting in marketing and lead generation/management, and responding to customer service emails. I also have a couple of large projects in the works for 2017, and will need assistance in developing and managing those projects as well. Again, if you are interested, email me your resume and cover letter by Wednesday (11/16/16). Thanks!


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