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Hunt Planner / Re: Back Country Rocky Mountain Archery Elk Hunt
« on: November 24, 2021, 10:57:35 PM »
How did your hunt go in September?

General Elk Hunting / Re: Idaho OTC tags - questions, questions...
« on: November 24, 2021, 10:53:52 PM »
If they are over the counter tags then they are sold first come first served so if you guys buy them when they go on sale (sometime in Dec I think) you shouldn't have too many problems. Some units sell out fast so if your certain your going elk hunting I wouldn't wait to buy them. As far as I know youth tags count against the non-resident cap like any other tag.
If your putting in for draw tags only 10% go to non-residents so if there are only 20 tags for that unit only 2 would be non-resident and one of you wouldn't be able to get a tag.
You can put in for a group application on draw tags to try to make sure you all draw or none of you do but for OTC tags I'm pretty sure you just buy them if there available.

General Elk Hunting / Re: 2021 Elk Meat Pole
« on: November 02, 2021, 08:24:53 PM »
Congrats Elk Noob. Your going to have to change your name soon.

I do the same but mine is loaded with vegetables and fruit at the moment. It was a good year for my gardens and I usually freeze a lot of that so I can deal with it after hunting season during winter when I am looking for something to do.

Scouting / Trail Cameras / Re: Cool Game Pics 2021 Season
« on: October 03, 2021, 12:05:36 PM »
Here she is. I think this was in 17' or 18'.

My parents were deer hunting near here a couple years later and had a female walk in front of them that was calling quietly like she was trying to call her kittens to her. Pretty cool but deer numbers were definitely down there the last couple years.

Scouting / Trail Cameras / Re: Cool Game Pics 2021 Season
« on: October 03, 2021, 11:54:50 AM »
"That is pretty cool, I have caught them on camera in years past. They are my biggest fear in the area I hunt in as well."
They aren't my biggest fear. I don't want to walk into a grizzly in the thick brush that I hunt or in the dark on my way into an area. Mountain lions are on the list though.
I will see if I can find the mountain lion photo I got a while back. I think I posted it on here before.

That sounds like a pretty awesome hunt. You might need to throw away whatever is in your freezer now to make room.

Archery / Re: Short bow and bad shots
« on: September 29, 2021, 07:19:31 AM »
If it's not draw weight it could be a number of other things. Not keeping the sight pin still does sound like target panic could be a possibility. My Dad had target panic and missed bulls that were completely broadside at distances of 11, 16, 15, 18, and 23 yards. He's worked for years to get over it.
Are you gripping the riser? It should sit loosely in your hand while shooting. If I grip mine I shoot consistently to the left.
What is your arrow rest and is it adjusted properly? Fletching contact with the rest would throw your shots off. I've had my bow since 2007 and it has a whisker biscuit on it. There's a handful of set screws to tighten once it's adjusted and that's it. Mine has been on the bow for 14 years and the only thing I have done is change out the insert when I've worn them out. I think I'm on the third one now. And testing on them shows that you lose an average of 4fps shooting threw one. Thats a negligible enough amount for me considering the ease of use.
And I know the arrows came with the bow but are you sure there spined correctly? Under spined arrows would be dangerous to shoot and they wouldn't fly correctly.
And does this happen with broadheads only? I had some el cheapo broadheads that would plane when shooting and they flew all over the place.

Archery / Re: Short bow and bad shots
« on: September 28, 2021, 11:25:05 PM »
Draw weight was the first thing I thought of too. You could film yourself shooting and post it to youtube. We could watch that and maybe have better insight into what's happening.

Or we could watch that and just make fun of your fashion choices. Either way.

Scouting / Trail Cameras / Re: Cool Game Pics 2021 Season
« on: September 28, 2021, 11:21:27 PM »
That looks like a real nice mulie.

I've only caught a mountain line on my cameras once. Pretty cool but I would rather not see them in person.

Just cow calls might have worked on a satellite bull. It sounds like I would have done about the same things you did. Including sneaking in and getting busted. Thats how it usually works for me.

I've only had marginal luck with decoys but this might have been a good time to try one. I plan to buy one of the ones that mounts to your bow next year.

General Elk Hunting / Re: 2021 Hunt Update Thread
« on: September 26, 2021, 01:53:34 PM »
Well got to the area I am hunting today. It has had a recent burn, ughh. Sitting high on a hill glassing other valleys to try to find elk. Oh, and dont get me started on the amount of people out here
You must be hunting where I am. Most people I have ever seen in archery season.
I can get elk to talk almost every time out but no luck getting them to come in or really respond after initial bugles. They just push there cows away as soon as I get a response. I've tried locating them and moving in closer with similar results. I think they are feeling the additional hunter pressure.

All of the areas I hunt are closed to motorized vehicles but I have seen gate violations almost every day. And I don't know why I'm not doing the same. There appears to be 0 enforcement of the road closures.

I located an area with 5 active wallows and waterholes tucked into some thick timber all within 300 yards of each other. One of the herds I've been hunting seems to be using the area so if I don't have any luck in the morning I may sit there quietly in the evenings. Our season ends soon. 4 days left and I have to work one of them.

Elk Hunting Tips & Tactics / Re: Walking up, pushing bull and cows
« on: September 12, 2021, 02:49:29 PM »
If he hung around a bit and eventually wandered off I would say he isn't spooked too badly, but Elk Noob is right. He could be 2 mountains away and still be in his home range.
I would go back and hunt that area until you confirm he is gone and then I would look into other areas. I would probably start one or two drainages over and call to see if you can locate him or other elk again. They might not come in but they should be willing to respond to a call right now.

General Elk Hunting / Re: 2021 Elk Meat Pole
« on: September 12, 2021, 02:45:22 PM »

Season started good for me with elk encounters every day but now the only tracks I am seeing are 4-wheelers. (which aren't supposed to be there)
I've exhausted my first 3 areas so now it's on to plan D. 2 days of work next week and then I can go back to wandering the woods.

General Elk Hunting / Re: arrow penetration on big bull
« on: September 12, 2021, 02:42:54 PM »
I'm far from a pro but I know they can live a long time with one intact lung. If placement was good on a broadside bull I would guess it must have hit a rib and turned. I can't tell from the photo. Is the blood on the ground frothy? I think one lung is enough to be fatal but it might take a while. He will probably have to cough up blood that is leaking into a lung even if he isn't bleeding on the outside.
If he bleeds enough he will eventually need to replace that fluid and will get thirsty so if you don't have any luck trailing him and have to start grid searching I would poke around the nearest water source first.

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