Tony Mudd lives in Reno, Nevada. He is the 24th bow hunter in the world to complete the Archery Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep. Tony has arrowed close to 200 hundred big game animals and has taken 23 of the 28 North American Big Game animals. Tony’s a Life Member of SCI, NRA, Wild Sheep, Idaho Bow hunters and the Alaska Bow hunters, and is a senior member and scorer for the P&Y club.

Tony’s favorite animals to pursue are ELK, wild sheep, whitetails, and brown and grizzly bears. When he’s not coaching pole vaulters, working or hunting, much of his free time is spent climbing and running mountains to stay in “Elk & Sheep Shape”.

Tony grew up in Michigan and started chasing whitetails with a bow 38 plus years ago. He arrowed an 8 point that first year from a make shift ground blind, and an old bear bow, then in 1988 his first year elk hunting on a self-guided hunt in Oregon he called in and arrowed a 5×5 bull. “Although there were many memorable archery hunts between my first whitetail hunt and my first elk hunt, these two hunts lit a fire in my soul that will last a life time!”